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And then there was one...

I probably should have done this about 10 or more years ago, but better late than never.

I've officially merged by Hart Brachen pseudonymous identity with the real me, Edward Cossette.

If you remember the heady days of lore before the Red Sox won their first World Series in eight-six years, you may recall a two blogs&emdash;a traditional blog called Bambino's Curse: Diary of a Red Sox Fan and a clip-art-comic blog called The Soxaholix.

I did them both. And that's how the pseudonym came to be. In the spring of 2004 when I started the Soxaholix, Bambino's Curse was already fairly popular in its own right, i.e., it had a substantial following and community of readers and it had garnered modest attention from both Boston and national media. Because the format for Soxaholix was so different, I didn't want the two worlds to mix. Also I wanted to see if Soxaholix could stand on its own merits.

Now that both blogs have long since been archived, it only makes sense to move forward directing all of my energy to one story rather than splitting and invariably watering things down.

To that end, then, all of the posts from this blog, Poemaholix, have been been duplicated under edwardcossette.com and moving forward that will be where I post everything (not counting the things I post on social media).

Thanks a bazillion for readership and support over the years, whether you were a reader of one or both or neither of the blogs.

Hart Brachen

Hart Brachen

I'm a writer, hobbyist mathematician, and an E-Learning innovator living in Dallas, TX.

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And then there was one...
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